Tony's Chocolonely Tasting Package

Tony Chocolonely's tasting sets find their way to the Dutch market thanks to Müller Fresh Food Logistics. The growing demand for this product posed a challenge for Müller, which Geurtsen, an expert in custom machine building, was able to solve. Discover how Geurtsen turned this challenge into an automated success!

The Project

Geurtsen automates the packaging of Tony Chocolonely tasting sets.

Müller Fresh Food Logistics is responsible for packaging and distributing Tony Chocolonely's products. One of these products is the tasting set, a box containing various flavors of chocolate bars. The increasing demand for this product made manual packaging no longer feasible for Müller. Therefore, Müller started looking for an automated packaging solution. However, such a machine was not available on the market, leading Müller to search for a partner capable of developing custom-made machines.

The search led Müller to Geurtsen, a company specializing in designing and building innovative machines. Geurtsen took on the challenge and created a unique packaging machine specifically for chocolate bars, capable of automatically placing the bars into the boxes. Thanks to this machine, Müller could seamlessly keep up with the growing demand for the tasting sets and efficiently meet their customers' needs.

Geurtsen's solution for chocolate bar packaging

The role of Geurtsen in this project involved designing a custom packaging machine for chocolate bars for Müller. Before the project's commencement, Geurtsen conducted a thorough feasibility study, assessing the business case for its viability. What sets Geurtsen apart is our ability to develop custom-made machines that seamlessly align with the specific needs and requirements of our clients. Müller had previously had successful collaborations with Geurtsen and was confident that Geurtsen possessed the necessary expertise and experience to create an innovative packaging machine not yet available on the market. Geurtsen enthusiastically took on the task and succeeded in developing a unique machine capable of automatically placing chocolate bars into their respective boxes.

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Machine Construction

The machine building process at Machinefabriek Geurtsen is a process in which a machine is carried out from concept to final delivery: design, development and production . Below you can see the main steps in the process:

In this phase, everything revolves around understanding the needs and requirements of the customer and defining clear objectives for the project. This involves extensive research and analysis to assess the feasibility of the project and establish technical specifications. Additionally, a conceptual design for the machine or production line is created in this phase.

Also known as the pre-engineering phase, this involves building a test setup of the machine or a specific technique. This is done to evaluate whether the conceived, often untested technologies meet the specified specifications and requirements.

In this phase, the machine is designed using advanced 3D design software. The 3D design must fully comply with the specifications and requirements of the customer, as well as with technical feasibility.

After the final design has been reviewed and approved, the project moves on to the production phase. This involves selecting appropriate materials and components, assembling the machine, conducting comprehensive quality controls, and performing thorough tests to ensure that the machine meets all requirements.

After the machine is built and tested, it is installed at the customer's site. This includes transporting the machine to the customer's site, installing and commissioning the machine, and giving instructions to the users.

During this phase, it is assessed whether the system meets the expectations of the customer or user. This testing occurs at the customer's location, after the system is installed, and includes various tests to verify its functionality and safety.

After installation, Machinefabriek Geurtsen typically provides comprehensive service and maintenance services to ensure that the machine continues to operate optimally, and any issues are addressed quickly and efficiently. This ensures the sustainable operation of the machine and customer satisfaction.

patrick geurtsen

Innovative Collaboration: 1500 packages per hour!

The collaboration between Geurtsen and Müller is an impressive synergy of expertise and innovation. Together, we undertook the challenge to create a custom solution for packaging Tony Chocolonely's tasting sets. Müller contributed their in-depth knowledge of the market and specific needs, while we at Machinefabriek Geurtsen utilized our skills in machine building and innovative thinking. This collaboration has resulted in a unique packaging machine that can efficiently and precisely keep up with the growing demand for this product, boasting an impressive capacity of 1500 packages per hour.

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Patrick Geurtsen

CEO and owner of Machinefabriek Geurtsen

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