Multicarve for GEA

The MultiCarve is a machine capable of grinding, rolling and slicing meat quickly and efficiently. This machine is specially designed for processing cooked ham and poultry and meets food grade standards. The machine processes meat with two rotating rollers.

The Project


Speed en efficiency of the Multicarve

Thanks to the speed and efficiency of the MultiCarve, it is possible to process large quantities of meat immediately after brine injection in a short time. This is especially useful for meat processing plants that have a high production volume The MultiCarve works together with the GEA MultiJector and allows for increasing surface area so that brine gets well distributed in the product during the follow-up process: tumbling. This also optimizes protein extraction and contributes to shorter process times.

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Machine Construction

The machine building process at Machinefabriek Geurtsen is a process in which a machine is carried out from concept to final delivery: design, development and production . Below you can see the main steps in the process:

Dit omvat het identificeren van de behoeften en eisen van de klant en het definiëren van de doelstellingen voor de machine. Inclusief onderzoek en analyse om de haalbaarheid van het project te bepalen en om de technische specificaties vast te stellen. In deze fase wordt ook een conceptueel ontwerp gemaakt van de machine of productielijn. 

Ook wel bekend als de fase pre-engineering omvat het bouwen van een testopstelling van de machine of een bepaalde techniek, om te testen of de bedachte, vaak onbewezen technieken, voldoen aan de specificaties en eisen.

In deze fase wordt de machine ontworpen met behulp van 3D ontwerp software programma’s. Het 3D ontwerp moet voldoen aan de specificaties en eisen van de klant en de technische haalbaarheid.

After evaluating the final design, the project moves to the production phase. The production process involves selecting the right materials and components, assembling the machine, performing quality checks and testing the machine.

After the machine is built and tested, it is installed at the customer's site. This includes transporting the machine to the customer's site, installing and commissioning the machine, and giving instructions to the users.

Machinefabriek Geurtsen often offers servicing and maintenance following installation to guarantee the machine's proper operation and address any issues.

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Intensive cooperation between GEA and Machinefabriek Geurtsen

Thanks to a good relationship that goes back to the 1970s, an intensive project between GEA and Machinefabriek Geurtsen saw the rapid development of the successor to the TenderCarve. The design is modular and the knife rollers can be adapted to customer requirements. As a result, the machine is many-sided and can be used for different uses. Thanks to the in-house production process, Geurtsen can guarantee the quality and reliability of the MultiCarve. In addition, service is provided and spare parts are readily available. Machines at Geurtsen can be developed with various control systems from Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation, Siemens and B&R. Machinefabriek Geurtsen develops and produces serial machine building projects for various clients in the food industry.


Patrick Geurtsen

CEO and owner of Machinefabriek Geurtsen

About us

Machinefabriek Geurtsen als partner in machinebouw

At Machinefabriek Geurtsen it is possible to order the filling machine for sealant cans with specific requirements and modifications. Geurtsen specializes in the design and production of customized machines and offers a personalized solution for each customer. This means that, depending on your specific requirements and wishes, the filling machine can be customized to meet your specific needs.

For example, if you have kit cans of different sizes, or if you need a machine with specific control or shielding features, you can specify these specifications to Machinefabriek Geurtsen. They will modify the design and production to meet your requirements, so that you get a machine that meets all your needs.

With their expertise in designing and manufacturing machines and their personal approach, Machinefabriek Geurtsen is the perfect partner for customizing your machine.

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