Best service and solution offered quickly

Geurtsen attaches a great deal of importance to customer-friendliness and professionalism. We are always ready to assist you with our craftsmanship. When technical problems arise or repairs are needed, our staff spring into action immediately. This means you are quickly presented with the best service and solution. Our organisation permits us to work fast and flexibly, provide service and limit downtime to a minimum for our customers.

The supply of specialised machinery and complex products is supplemented by an equally specialised service. We are optimally equipped to carry out maintenance on your machines. We are also qualified to give our customers technical support. If, for example, you have an emergency or a production stop, or require major maintenance, once call to our service staff is sufficient to get the problem resolved immediately.

Modifications & repairs
Our technicians are always available to make modifications or repairs. You can call on their expertise at any time; they can work independently or in support of your technical department to perform repairs and overhauls.

Urgent assistance
You can also call us in the event of an emergency. We always keep some capacity in reserve for urgent help and support.

Want to know more about the options for service and maintenance? We will be happy to inform you. Call us now on +31 (0)570 621159 or contact us via our contact form.


Other specialities

Our specialities are not restricted to service and maintenance. We also carry out the following activities:

Our customers

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