Pipework and skids

We deliver only quality products and we are certified suppliers of diverse, high-quality material types and welding processes

Certified pipework

Geurtsen’s certified welders are at home in every market, from thin sheet to thick-walled pipework. We are certified suppliers of diverse (high-quality) material types and welding processes. With more than 20 welding shops, we are able to take on large projects. However, this does not affect our flexibility because we can quickly manufacture components and carry out repairs: ready while you wait.

In addition to the ISO 9001 certificate, Geurtsen has ISO 3834-2 , NEN-EN 1090 and VCA (SCC) certification.

Pippework and skids in reliable hands
With Geurtsen, the fitting, welding and assembly of pipework is in reliable hands. You can also come to us for orbital welding. We are happy to put our expertise at your disposal, and we deliver only quality products when it comes to pipework and skids. We are experienced in laying steel and stainless steel pipes in the chemical, pharmaceutical, offshore, biogas and other industries. We also have a wide range of options when it comes to the scale of projects, from a single pipe joint to manufacturing the pipework for an entire plant. We also have experience in building skids. In close cooperation with engineering, procurement, planning and project management, the pre-fabrication of the pipework takes shape. There is also timely communication with the customer, suppliers and inspection agencies.

Great diversity
Working with (thin) sheet metal is a speciality of Geurtsen. Channels, machine screens, casings… we perform a great variety of work in sheet metal. Quality is our prime concern in this. We can, of course, work from your drawing, but our engineers can also measure up the situation on site for you. Naturally, you have our guarantee that it will fit. 

Dedicated project leader

When we do welding work for you, you always have one point of contact. Depending on the scope of the work, it may be the head of department or a specialised project leader who coordinates the total project. The project leader deals with all the internal and external expertise, and all your specific questions or wishes.

Are you interested in our possibilities for pipework? We will be happy to help and inform you. Feel free to call us on +31 (0)570 621159 or contact us via our contact form.

Other specialities

Our specialities are not restricted to welding work and assembly of pipework and skids. We also carry out the following activities:

Our customers

Geurtsen knows our processes and systems and works pro-actively with us to improve and optimise our process. They have all the necessary fields of expertise under their roof to be able to serve us well.

Alwin Spenkelink, Ben & Jerry Hellendoorn

For us, Geurtsen is a trusted company and we know what we can expect of them. They are always ready, and they deliver quality and high-end solutions.

Michel Hulsebos, Georg Fischer

Verbufa is an exclusive supplier of machines and systems to leading Benelux manufacturers serving the food industry. In Geurtsen we have found the ideal partner to work with us to provide client-specific solutions for our customers.

Mark Marrink, Verbufa

We have short lines of communication with Geurtsen. They directly supply skilled engineers who can work with our own people to perform our maintenance. That works so nicely, and it helps to keep our maintenance costs down.

Johnny Jochems, Stork Veco B.V.

We make extensive use of Geurtsen’s services and knowledge. Before we start, we discuss the specified work with our appointed contact. He makes sure that a quotation is drawn up for the work and that everything proceeds in a structured way in the realisation phase; he also monitors the quality of the work that is delivered. On site, they work carefully and expertly on our production systems.

Paul Staring, Akzo Nobel Arnhem

Geurtsen is a top-quality, technical company with the experience to work constructively with people coming from other fields. What is more, communication is easy-going and transparent. As a principal, it is really pleasing that projects are completed properly, even when the time pressure is great.

William de Hesse, ESA

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