Supplier of parts and semi-finished products in every possible form

For many years we have supplied of parts and semi-finished products in every possible form to many industrial clients. Our well-equipped machine shops and our construction and sheet metal workers are at your disposal for the production of diverse components. From one-off items to serial production. We can turn items of up to a metre in diameter and five metres in length. Our quadruple-axial milling machine has a 4-metre bed and can mill large components on all sides in a single operation. On the other hand, our bar-feed machines, powered tools and takeover spindle are also at your disposal for small components. In the construction department, too, we can quickly and skilfully supply you with semi-finished products, whether you need pipework, platforms, steps or casings made in (stainless) steel or aluminium.

Your problem is our problem

We want our customers to be satisfied, so we work to produce the best result. Do you want sheet metal welding, or delivery of a semi-finished product? No problem. We have adequate space and a very spacious, well-equipped machine shop, with the right tools for all your turning, milling, sheet metal and construction work. Our workshop has all the necessary equipment to produce components. We have precision tools for small, specialised components and, thanks to the size of the workshop, we also have plenty of room for products and projects with abnormal dimensions. You can also have us carry out assembly and other jobs.

If you are looking for a supplier of your semi-finished products or other industrial products, call us for a no-obligation discussion on +31 (0)570 621159, or fill in the contact form. We are only too happy to help.


Other specialities

Our specialities are not restricted to supply parts and semi-finished products. We also carry out the following activities:

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