Own engineering, in house

You can call on Geurtsen for engineering and drawing work. Our technical draughtsmen and engineers turn every technical challenge into a success. Designing and producing machinery is a specialised business that calls for understanding and craftsmanship. That is why we have our own technical design department. A team of experienced engineers and technical draughtsmen provides first-class, proactive assistance and is keen to take on a complex technical challenge for you.

Technology in pictures
The basis of each project starts at the design table. In recent years we have invested a lot in engineering and automation. The result is an engineering department that can design complex projects and depict them for you. Engineering and drawing, all in 3D. For our practical and experienced engineers, every complex technical problem is a challenge to be met!

Our aim? To produce the best solution for your problem. We work transparently and involve you, as our customer, in our solutions through – among other things – interim design evaluations. That means you can closely follow the development of the solution. We are only satisfied if you are.

One of our key features is exclusive treatment for our customers. If you wish, product specifications and technical solutions developed specifically for you will remain your exclusive preserve.

Ask us about the possibilities
Want to know more about our engineering? Call us on +31 (0)570 621159 or fill in our contact form. We will be happy to inform you of the extensive possibilities.


Other specialisties

Our specialities are not restricted to engineering and customised machine building. We also carry out the following activities:

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