The right machinery for your specific needs

We know better than anyone that complex technical problems call for targeted solutions. We combine the various aspects of our expertise to deliver complete machines and machine construction tailored to meet your needs. Developing and building them requires technical knowledge, experience and craftsmanship. Also, practical understanding of the conditions in which the machine has to work is a precondition for success. At Geurtsen you will find the people, production facilities and qualities required to offer you optimally effective solutions and the right, tailor-made machine construction.

Wide range of technical solutions

Do you need, for example, a cloth treatment machine, a new internal transport system, a processing or assembly line, a purification system or major maintenance of your entire stock of machinery? Our skilled employees can produce a wide range of technical solutions for you. Technical designs, drawings, specialised components, semi-finished products, mechanical treatment systems, sheet metal and construction work, machines and production lines are among the many possibilities.

All-round partner in technology

Are you looking for a qualified, specialised partner to help guide you through and accomplish your machine construction project? You can put the entire procedure in the hands of our specialists, from drawing up the schedule of requirements, through engineering, production, assembly and commissioning, to maintenance. And where necessary we can cooperate efficiently with your engineering office to give you tailor-made machine construction.

Problem-solving ability

We love solutions and building customised machinery. Our experience with projects in very different branches of industry has given us a deep reserve of knowledge that we can draw on with each new project. That gives us the ability to quickly and effectively find a solution for virtually any problem in the field of machine building.

Broad expertise in turn-key machines

We have amassed wide-ranging expertise in designing and building special machines for, for example, the food, graphic, textile and appliance construction industries. We specialise in complete turn-key projects that fit in with your operational processes to the smallest detail.

Are you interested in our possibilities in the field of machine construction? We will be happy to help and inform you. Feel free to call us on +31 (0)570 621159 or contact us via our contact form.


Other specialities

Our specialities are not restricted to engineering and customised machine building. We also carry out the following activities:

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