Our products and services

You can always count on our team of versatile specialists

Customised machine construction

Our mechanics skilfully and meticulously build customised machinery, combining mechanical, electronic and control elements.

Piping & skids

Geurtsen builds and installs high-quality machinery and systems, including skids and pipework.

Building Tanks & Appliances

One of our specialities is designing, drawing, developing and manufacturing tanks and processing equipment for industrial applications.

Service & Maintenance

Whether you need advice, service or maintenance, as your technical partner we know our specialists are keen to give you the best.

Industrial supply

Many industrial customers count on us to supply of parts and semi-finished products in all possible forms.


The basis of each project starts at the design table. Geurtsen has its own, inspired technical design department.

Our customers

Geurtsen knows our processes and systems and works pro-actively with us to improve and optimise our process. They have all the necessary fields of expertise under their roof to be able to serve us well.

Alwin Spenkelink, Ben & Jerry Hellendoorn

For us, Geurtsen is a trusted company and we know what we can expect of them. They are always ready, and they deliver quality and high-end solutions.

Michel Hulsebos, Georg Fischer

Verbufa is an exclusive supplier of machines and systems to leading Benelux manufacturers serving the food industry. In Geurtsen we have found the ideal partner to work with us to provide client-specific solutions for our customers.

Mark Marrink, Verbufa

We have short lines of communication with Geurtsen. They directly supply skilled engineers who can work with our own people to perform our maintenance. That works so nicely, and it helps to keep our maintenance costs down.

Johnny Jochems, Stork Veco B.V.

We make extensive use of Geurtsen’s services and knowledge. Before we start, we discuss the specified work with our appointed contact. He makes sure that a quotation is drawn up for the work and that everything proceeds in a structured way in the realisation phase; he also monitors the quality of the work that is delivered. On site, they work carefully and expertly on our production systems.

Paul Staring, Akzo Nobel Arnhem

Geurtsen is a top-quality, technical company with the experience to work constructively with people coming from other fields. What is more, communication is easy-going and transparent. As a principal, it is really pleasing that projects are completed properly, even when the time pressure is great.

William de Hesse, ESA

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