Piping en skids

Installeren en monteren van piping en skids

John Wiggerman

Piping & Skids

"Vragen over piping en skids kunt u zorgeloos aan ons uitbesteden dankzij onze jarenlange ervaring en constante hoge capaciteit. Van complete scope tot documentatie voorzien van MDR."

John Wiggerman

Piping & Skids

"Thanks to our years of experience and consistently high capacity, you can outsource your pipes and skids to us without worry. From the whole scope of the documents supplied with the MDR."


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Conducting pressure testing




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Geurtsen provides customized mechanical engineering for various industries. As a builder of special machines we know better than anyone else that complex technical issues require purposeful solutions. Our expertise comes together in the delivery of complete machines. Engineering, machine construction and service and maintenance of special machines requires technical knowledge, experience and craftsmanship. Practical insight into the circumstances under which the machine will do its work is also a prerequisite for success. At Machinefabriek Geurtsen you will find the people, the production facilities and the specialties needed to offer you optimally effective solutions.

Do you need a customized mechanical engineering solution, such as a fabricating machine, an internal transport system, a machining or assembly line, cleaning installation or major maintenance of the entire machinery? Our professionals can realize a wide range of technical solutions for you.

U zoekt een gekwalificeerde en gespecialiseerde partner bij de begeleiding en realisatie van uw machinebouw project? Het complete traject van het opstellen van een Programma van Eisen, engineering, productie, montage en inbedrijfstelling tot en met het onderhoud, kunt u uit handen geven aan onze specialisten. Waar nodig werken we efficiënt samen met uw ingenieursbureau voor machinebouw op maat.

Machinefabriek Geurtsen focuses not only on custom mechanical engineering, but also on:

  • Apparatenbouw
  • Engineering
  • machining
  • Construction work
  • Industrial supply
  • Piping
  • Orbital welding
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Skids
  • Secondment of technical specialists
  • Numerous other specialty jobs

You can also turn to us for support on complex technical projects.

We love technical solutions through custom mechanical engineering. Through experience with various projects in very different industries, our employees possess an enormous amount of knowledge and specialties, from which we can draw for each new project. This enables us to solve virtually any problem in the field of mechanical engineering quickly and effectively. Our extensive expertise in turn-key machinery enables us to find a solid solution to virtually any problem. We have built up extensive expertise in designing and building special machines. For example, for the food, graphic, textile, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Complete turn-key projects, matching your operations in every detail, is our specialty

Machinefabriek Geurtsen delivers what they promise and therefore has the confidence of Teijin Aramid. We are very pleased with the thinking along during the design phase, the timely delivery of projects and associated documentation, and the quality delivered. We really like the hands-on mentality of the assembly leader and the mechanics.

Ronny Lasker, Teijin Aramid

Curious about the possibilities we can offer you? John will be happy to help you!


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