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Machinefabriek Geurtsen distinguishes itself through its proven expertise in machine construction and the availability of extensive production facilities since 1926. The factory is equipped with a modern machine park and has skilled personnel, ensuring both flexibility and the capacity to tackle complex, serial module construction.

Geurtsen: Where your market expands through our production capacity.

The production capacity at Geurtsen is extensive, with several dozen CNC machining centers, including turning and milling machines. In addition to well-equipped machine factories, we also have a highly developed supply chain. Our team consists of 145 technical experts, including certified welders and experienced mechanics.

We also utilize various assembly halls that are set up per project to meet the specified capacity requirements.

Our extensive assembly facilities and capacity enable us to accomplish even the most challenging projects.

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Quality assured through project management

Geurtsen distinguishes itself by guaranteeing high quality in its production processes, ensuring compliance with the requirements set for the products. This includes not only ensuring technical quality but also assessing and responding appropriately to various project risks. 

Geurtsen goes beyond just producing components; through expert project management, all possible risks are identified in advance to ensure a smooth project flow. The staff, with years of knowledge, along with the pragmatic approach and solid project planning, guarantee quality and a reliable delivery schedule. With certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 3834, and ISO 1090, Geurtsen provides consistency and reliability in every project.

If you are looking for more information on module construction, you can download our E-Book on module construction.

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Our approach

At Geurtsen, we follow a streamlined approach to realize modules. 

It starts with an analysis of the technical challenge and the required modules. Once we understand the challenge, we propose a collaboration.

Subsequently, we create a project plan outlining all stages from assignment to delivery. Upon approval of the plan, we proceed to the preparation of the work and provide clear instructions to the various production departments. We handle the procurement of raw materials and commence the fabrication of the components. 

Once manufactured, we assemble the components into fully functional modules with attention to detail. Subsequently, we test the module for functionality to ensure they meet the specified requirements.

Finally, after successful testing, we package the modules and ship them to the desired destination. This ensures not only the delivery of quality technical solutions but also provides an efficient and hassle-free experience for our customers.

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