Also thoroughly familiar with sheet metal work and construction

Geurtsen can also signify more for you when it comes to sheet metal work and construction. Our construction and sheet metal workers, together with our well-equipped machine shops, are at your disposal for the production of (for example) casings, platforms and other complete constructions. Our experienced craftsmen can assist you with assembly, sheet metal and construction work in (stainless) steel and aluminium. Our certifications include ISO 9001, VCA (SCC), ISO 3834-2 and NEN-EN 1090.

From micro to macro

Our workshop has all the necessary equipment to produce components. We handle a wide range of sheet metal work and we are also at home in every market when it comes to welding. You can also call on us for orbital welding.

We have precision equipment for small, specialised components. On the other hand, the ‘historic’ dimensions of the workshop also offer plenty of space for products and projects with abnormal dimensions in sheet metal work and construction.

Other specialities

Our specialities are not restricted to sheet metal work and construction. We also carry out the following activities:

Sheet metal work and construction: one of our expertise

At Geurtsen, we have numerous, high-quality machines at our disposal. You can find an overview of our machines here. We hope you will get better acquainted with our possibilities in the field of sheet metal work and construction.

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