From complex problem to reliable automation

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Erik Hoekman speaking

"Engineering at Geurtsen: From Complex Problem to Reliable Automation"

"At Geurtsen, we believe in the power of research and development to create innovative solutions for our clients' challenges. Our engineering experts collaborate closely with clients to understand their needs and develop technologies that meet those requirements. We can do the same for you!"

"Our engineering services encompass the entire process."

From concept and design to prototyping and validation. We have extensive experience in various sectors and applications, including food, robotics, manufacturing, and chemistry.


We will first assess the feasibility of your idea or solution. From the earliest concept to the final bolt. Step by step. This way, we maintain control over the entire trajectory from A to Z and ensure a controlled manner of innovation. And as a result, we can truly test, realize, and facilitate your idea or solution!

Some success stories of our engineers


Tony's Chocolonely Tasting Package

The increasing demand for this product made manual packaging no longer feasible for Müller. Therefore, Müller started looking for an automated solution...


Cirulaire matrassenlijn voor Auping

The newly developed automated mattress production line, which we worked on in collaboration with Robotize for Auping, is entirely...

Filling machine Tony Chocolony

Müller was looking for a solution to package up to twelve different flavors of chocolate eggs. In addition,...

Machinefabriek Geurtsen delivers what they promise and therefore has the confidence of Teijin Aramid. We are very pleased with the thinking along during the design phase, the timely delivery of projects and associated documentation, and the quality delivered. We really like the hands-on mentality of the assembly leader and the mechanics.

Ronny Lasker, Teijin Aramid

Custom engineering from a specialist? Erik will be happy to help you!