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Quality is our top priority!

At Geurtsen, we are proud to hold several certifications that demonstrate our expertise and commitment to quality and professionalism. Our certifications are a testament to our competence and reliability in the services we offer. We understand how important it is for our clients to know that they are working with a reliable and qualified partner, and our certifications are designed to ensure that trust.


Our certifications

This certificate shows that our company has a documented and standardized quality management system to ensure the quality of our products and services, improve customer satisfaction and continuously strive for improvement.

This certificate confirms that we meet the requirements for quality assurance in welding operations, including the qualification of welders, the management of welding processes and the traceability of welding operations.

This certificate indicates that we meet the technical requirements for the manufacture and assembly of load-bearing steel and aluminum structures, and that our products are safe and in compliance with applicable standards.

As a VCA-certified company, we comply with safety, health and environmental requirements when performing work on site, and our employees are trained in working safely.

In addition, we are recognized as an apprenticeship company, which means we provide an excellent learning environment for apprentices and students undergoing professional training.

De kunst van het lassen expertise bij machinefabriek geurtsen

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