The foundation for growth

The foundation of the present company was laid starting from 1945, when Geurtsen began doing maintenance and engineering work for Ankersmit Textielfabrieken. The relationship resulted in growing expertise in designing and building specialised machines to the client’s exact specifications. Geurtsen’s business grew, and after the Second World War it relocated to Molenbelt in Deventer.

Distinctive factory building

To meet the big and increasing demand for oil/water separators, Geurtsen had to expand again. In 1978, the machine factory moved to the former Koninklijke Tapijtfabrieken Deventer building on Smyrnastraat. In this historic and distinctive building, Geurtsen has all the room it needs for production facilities.
Since October 1996, Geurtsen has had ISO 9001 certification and in 2008 the company was awarded its VCA* certificate. And for the summer of 2015, Geurtsen holds ISO 3834-2 and NEN 1090 certificates.

Numerous service under one roof

In recent years, Geurtsen has acquired and integrated a number of companies. This has enabled the company to offer clients numerous technical services under one roof. The machine factory offers not only technical planning and engineering but also activities such as machine building, urgent repairs and certified work on pipes. Customers can also come to Geurtsen for technical staff and secondment, and the company offers its customers a lot of knowledge and maximum flexibility.

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